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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Making Things Happen

 I don't like to think of myself as a pushy New Yorker.  Firstly, I haven't been a New Yorker for almost a decade.  Secondly, I want to think that people like me and I act in a manner that encourages liking.  And lastly, I have too much on my plate already to want to be foisting my agenda on the rest of the world.

Nevertheless, there comes a time for action.  And I want to be involved with my children's education and school.  That is why I met with the School District Superintendent today.  I decided that our district should have a parent support group for parents of special needs children.  As fate would have it, the superintendent thinks so, as well.  Therefore, it was a very pleasant meeting.

I wonder what happened to the girl who was once too shy to collect for newspaper delivery.  How did I get the backbone to actively seek out meetings with school superintendents?  Thankfully, our district superintendent is laid back and welcoming. Even as I sat across from him, however, I realized the power this man holds -- he could pull the plug on my child's educational program in the blink of an eye, if he saw fit.  It's kind of like meeting with Santa Claus - you're hoping he'll like you and that you'll remain in his good graces so that, down the line, your child will get what he needs without a hassle.  So far so good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't psych yourself out about his importance. You can hire and advocate and an education lawyer and sue his ass into oblivion if he does not require the school(s) to live up to FAPE and the IDEA.

You are not without power. Don't ever allow yourself to believe differently.

5:35 PM  

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